E2ESolar is an innovative solar PV infrastructure services company, currently based in Israel, and targeting the global market.

We develop cloud based infrastructure platforms to be used by solar installation companies, group purchasing and community purchasing project management.  


Alon Tamari is a renewable energy expert, a solar enthusiast with a vast experience in management and if you push him, he may admits he has some software engineering background.

Alon co-founded SolarPower, the first Israeli solar PV EPC established in 2003 and installed over 600 residential and commercial projects (>70MWp), co-managed the company till 2015 when it was acquired by ORAD Group.

Ophir Langman is a data expert with a vast experience in data infrastructure solutions, analytics and software development, across many industries. Ophir has a strong passion for renewable energy and entrepreneurship and managed the development of “Better Place” analytical solution (Shai Agassi's electrical car project)

Together with a strong understanding of the residential and commercial solar PV markets, years of first hand solar system installation experience, combined with information technology expertise, we determine to continue our commitment to the environment and to bring new and creative business solution to the renewable energy industry.

E2E Solar || www.e2esolar.com|| אי.טו.אי סולאר בע"מ

052-4780290 || alon@e2esolar.com